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General Information

The following pages show pictures of Gravesend from the past, and some taken by me, starting in 2000, as my 'Millenium Project', then others since. The new pictures were taken from as near as possible the same vantage point as in the old ones.

The black and white photos were scanned by me, and unless credited otherwise, were originally from pictures in a book entitled
'Gravesend In Old Picture Postcards' by Douglas W. Grierson
Published by European Library, Zaltbommel, Netherlands. GB ISBN 90 288 5747 8/CIP.

Also the text accompanying the pictures was based on the above book, with additions and memories of my own.

I would like to thank Douglas for his kind permission to use the pictures in his book for this project.

Since then I have started to add more photos and text from various sources. These are in the form of either additional content added with the original left unaltered, or when needed, they have been incorporated into the original, so as to make the time line or flow more complete and correct. Where possible I have now given credit for these updates in the relavent sections.

And also thanks go to Gravesham Borough Council for their permission to use the Gravesham Crest.

If you have pictures or information about the places featured here, and you would like to help me make a more complete reference about any of them, please contact me using the e-mail address below and let me know what you have. In the first instance please do not include any attachments.

Any general comments please e-mail me at

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