The Dolphin Public House

Queen Street

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The Dolphin Public House old
Dolphin Public House
c. 1898

The Dolphin public house pictured right was first known with that name from 16th february 1898. Before that it was known as the Five Bells.

Here are a few of the dates and names of various owners or landlords from 1658. This data is taken from -
History of 4 (previously 38 Queen Street, Gravesend.
Researched by Christopher Bull using information Gravesend Library's local collection and work on the local public houses by E.R. Green

The earliest date that I have is 1658, the name of the building is not known but the owner/landlady is recorded as Jane Butterice (later Barwick).

1709 shows that an Inn and Hostelry known as 5 Bells was set up and that £5 was paid to the Corporation. At this time James Griffon the Elder was in residence.

1778 - 1897 it was known as Five Bells with various landlords.

1833 there is a note that about a New Brick Messuage, (a partial rebuild perhaps?) with the owner named as William Kemball.

1898 the premises was rebuilt, and between then and 1909 the name was changed to The Dolphin under the management of Chas Snead.

A couple of years unoccupied then led to a change of use to the manufacture, wholesale and retail of confectionary between 1912 and 1915 by M. Waterman.

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Reliance Fish Restuarant
Reliance Fish Restaurant 2008
(M. Symonds)

Now we see the first mention of a Fish Restaurant in 1920 and 1922 - 1923 with James F. Swift.
1925 it has changed name to Swift's Fried Fish Shop, still under someone named Swift.

1929 - 1931 it is just mentioned as a Fish Shop, A Wightwick.

1932 - 1939 Fish Restaurant, H. Daveney.

1953 Reliance Fish Restaurant, Mrs J. Day.

1956 Reliance Fish Restaurant, G. H. Sparks.

In 1987 it was bought by George Kamenou who ran it from then until 2003, when it was taken over by his son Jack and his wife Hellen. They have been there since, and up to at least 2009 when this piece was written.

Ivy Sparks who was the daughter of the previous owner, G. H. Sparks, worked for her father and the current owners at the restaurant until 2008.

The banner on the wall above the restaurant reads

Award Winning Restaurant
2005 - 2006- 2007 - 2008

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