Gravesend and North Kent Hospital

Bath Street

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first building gravesend hospital old
First Hospital building 1854
( ???? )

This is a photo of the first hospital building in Bath Street.

It had its origins in a small dispensary, which had been established in 1850 in Milton Road, at the corner of Wellington Street.

Several local business people and Lord Darnley were involved in the funding of this venture.

In 1853, the Lord Darnley gave this site, and in 1854 the new dispensary and infirmary were built by John Gould, who was a local builder and architect. It was opened the same year.

This was the start of the hospital, which by the 1880's was known as the Gravesend Hospital and was run by voluntary contributions.

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gravesend hospital old
GNK Hospital c.1880?
(D. Grierson)

When the hospital was expanded later around 1880, the original building seen above, was incorporated into the new ones.

The side wall can be seen on the building to the left of the approach to the old main entrance.

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GNK Hospital 2000
GNK Hospital in 2000
(J. Lord)

Another local building that to a great extent survived with its original exterior, although the gates and pillars were taken away at some time.

The other entrance in Stuart Road which has been the casualty unit for some time, is a more modern addition.

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Gravesend Hospital old unit before being demolished.
Old block before demolition 2004
(J. Lord)

In 1928 a further extension to the hospital was built, this was added on to the left hand, (Southern) side of the existing buildings.

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GNK Foundation Stone
1928 Foundation Stone
(J. Lord)

The picture here shows the Foundation Stone that was built into the wall of that unit. It reads -

This Foundation Stone was laid by Mrs. Raoul H.FOA. ( President of the Ladies Association ) On July 18th 1928.
The committee hereon record their grateful appreciation of the generous response of all who have contributed to the hospital extension fund.
R.H.FOA. President,
H.D. Stephenson, Chairman.

Early in 2004, part of the hospital was closed down with some services moving to M Block, (that had at one time been the Maternity section), further down the road.

Demolition of the old hospital commenced soon after so that a new Community Hospital could be built here.

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