Harmer House

Corner of The Grove
Saddington Street

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Harmer House old
Harmer House old
(D. Grierson)

The Harmer House School in the tree-lined, fashionable Grove, was run by a Mr. W. H. Hedger A.K.C. It was one of about six such schools in Gravesend for the 'younger gentlemen'.

The books author's wife's great-grandfather, the first Lewis Solomon, was a pupil there in the 1860's.

Nearly fifty pupils, wearing mortar boards as part of their uniform, are visible in this view, taken in the 1880's.

Harmer House became the laundry for Shaw and Sons. The building has now been demolished.

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Harmer House 2000
Site of Harmer House in 2000
(J. Lord)

The building above survived until a few years ago, at one time it was the local office for Shaw's laundry and dry cleaners.

A few years ago it was demolished, and a modern set of flats built in its place.

It stands on the corner of The Grove and Saddington Street.

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