Harmer Street


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harmerst1 old
Harmer Street c.1900
(D. Grierson)

Harmer Street and the Grand Theatre are in this view of about 1900.

Harmer Street was built in 1836 as part of an elaborate and grand scheme by the Milton Park Estate, whose chairman was Alderman Harmer.

The concept was for Harmer Street to open out in a circle, where now only Berkley Crescent is, and then along what is now The Grove (then Upper Harmer Street) to the foot of Windmill Hill.

The Grand Theatre with its four huge columns, was a popular concert venue. It was built as the Literary Institute and changed names several times.

The site is now remembered by the Call Boy public house.

In the centre of the picture one of the booths is visible, situated at the entrance to the old Terrace Pier Gardens.

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Harmer Street 2000
Harmer Street in 2000
(J. Lord)

The main difference in this picture of harmer Street is that the Grand Theatre has gone.

As mentioned above, the site is now occupied by the Call Boy public house.

The buildings on either side of the road thankfully have not been demolished, and replaced by some totally out of character modern replacements.

Harmer Street is a one way road, which is part of the Gravesend town circular route, and leads up to the Clock Tower, pictures of which, can be seen elsewhere in this project.

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