The Mitre Hotel

21 King Street

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The Mitre Hotel (King Street) 1930
The Mitre Hotel c. 1930
(Mrs. S. Grocott - Australia)

The Mitre Hotel as it looked in about 1930.

An hotel or inn had existed on that same site at least back as far as 1726, at that time it had the name, 'The Pelican'.
In 1795/6 it became 'The Duke Of York', and had that name until 1835/6.

It was again renamed, this time to 'The Mitre Hotel'. It had that name up until 1971, when it was eventually demolished.

The large sign on the corner of the building, reads 'Mitre Family & Commercial Hotel Luncheons Dinners & Teas', the Licencee/Proprietor is shown as H. Mott. Before he took over he was employed as a 'Brewers Travelling Clerk', which I assume was something like an auditor or similar?

My thanks go to Ray Martin for contacting me initially about 'The Mitre' which was in his family for a while. Then shortly after he sent me a copy of the picture from 1930 that had been sent to him by his cousin, Mrs. S. Grocott, who lives somewhere in Australia.

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The Mitre Hotel (King Street) 1971
The Mitre Hotel c. 1971

This photo was taken in 1971, shortly before demolition started. The look of the building had changed of course, loosing some of its more interesting details.

The shop to the left seems to be a newsagents and confectioners.

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Site of The Mitre Hotel, 2007
Site of The Mitre Hotel, 2007
(J. Lord)

This is the same site on 28th June 2007.

I have been told that the shop on the corner was originally a green grocers after the re-building was completed, and as can be seen in the photo, is now a newsagents and confectioners.

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