New Road


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New Road old
New Road c.1905
(D. Grierson)

This is a picture of New Road in 1905.

You can see the Colonial Meat Company on the left hand side, with an advert for New Zealand mutton and American beef.

The introduction of refrigerated ships made it possible to import meat from distant countries such as America, Australia and New Zealand.

The 'Oil, Color and Varnish Stores' are on the right, with adverts on its wall for various products.

And the word "Color" was not spelled the way most of us spell it, with a 'u'? I wonder if this was an early American influence?

The tram you can see is on its way to the terminus at Denton.

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New Road 2000
New Road in 2000
(J. Lord)

The same scene in 2000, showing a greatly changed area.

The centre of the town was made a pedistrianised area a couple of years ago and I for one prefer it this way, although a lot of people still moan at not being able to park right here.

On the left hand side are a bank, Our Price record shop, (now a 'Game' store), a card shop and an office and stationary suppliers.

Just past that is the Anglesea Shopping Center, (renamed 'Thamesgate' in 2004), Marks & Spencer and BHS are on the right.

Further up is the first entrance to the St. George's Shopping Center, the other being just opposite Tesco's store.

The road on the left is Stone Street, and the one on the right, Princes Street.

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