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October 30th 2003 Murray Canada --- Get well wishes to Bungle, who had his tonsils out earlier this week. Normally he is quite the hypochondriac, but this time I really empathize with him. I offered him the chance to ease his sore throat with my special medicine, but he declined.
May 20th 2003 Geoff Windeatt aka BUNGLE Gravesend via murray Following Murray's message, Calgary is great and i'm getting well p***ed! I drink at the pilot too. Great site, its nice to see Gravesend is finally on the map. Can't wait to come back to Calgary to live, no affence GRAVESEND ![Eeek][Eeek]
May 11th 2003 Murray Canada --- My friend Bungle from Gravesend is coming to visit Canada. What a total p***-up it will be. I hopw he can remember it!
April 9th 2003 Don Pelham Bothell, WA, USA GOOGLE( doing research on "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad) This is a very well done site. I will be ripping off some of your html ideas. I would still like to know if it pronounced Grave-send or Graves-end?????
April 7th 2003 Hugh Fletcher Toronto, Canada Search engine I spent my school years in Gravesend living at Portland Road and Old Road West. My family somehow all ended up in different parts of Canada. Great to see the old and new photo's - thanks for that.
March 17th 2003 Linda Stone Columbus, USA --- Seeking information regarding ancestors in United Kingdom (Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England) and found this wonderfull site. I hope to find others which will give similar information. Also would like to contact anyone in those areas who could describe their surroundings. Thank you again for producing this delightful site.
January 31st 2003 kathleen gravesend playing around I now live in canada it made me home sick i lived in gravesend 26 years and to see gravesend again was great
December 4th 2002 Iris Gravesend looking on the Cobham web site Enjoyed the photos..past and present. Do you remember the Mitre Hotel? a white building with painted black window frames and window sills. Trinty Church, down by what was the Globe pub, the Sun Inn at the top of the town. Church Street School and the goldfish in the Fort Garden ponds? Better stop, I could go on and on. Memories!!!! oh, how Gravesend has changed, some of it not for the better I'm sorry to say.
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