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November 26th 2002 Craig chircargo, America I am stoned it's c**p
November 23rd 2002 Murray Canada --- Message to Roger Copelin regarding the organ at St. James' Church. I find it interesting that your family was into organ donation before it was fashionable!
November 22nd 2002 zoe athens, Greece bbceducation I went to gravesend when visiting england it was horrible and rained all day ! but hey cool site!wicked
November 22nd 2002 Derek Johnson (the head) snodlaqnd mrs barber put me onit The head will take over the world ha ha ha!!!!!!
November 22nd 2002 patrick everard Tonbridge kent by accident wicked site dude
November 17th 2002 Roger Copelin Brighton Google search engine I have an interest in St James Church in that one of my ancestors may have given an organ to the church. This organ was later the subject of a court case. I would really like to know what happened.
October 17th 2002 Louise GRAVESEND fiddling with the links ive lived in gravesend for the whole of my life (15yrs)its GREAT!!
October 14th 2002 Tom Webb Bellevue, USA google I was from Gravesend in 1966,I have been back many times but it is always a good feeling to see your roots.I am very glad to see some of the old town reverting to its previous times appearance ie area around clock tower. Keep up the good work,I will look in from time to time to review any additions
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