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September 24th 2002 michele gravesend/northfleet browsing Excellent site, well done !!!!!
September 9th 2002 rainn dowsett pittsburg, pennsylvania, USA love brought me to it; or i might just be a stalker. i had a love at first sight meeting on a train(here in the USA) with a perfect man from Gravsend. Thanks for the nice site, now i have better of an idea what his world looks like.
September 6th 2002 Barbara New Zealand Search Engine Thanks for the opportunity to "revisit" Gravesend. In 1969 and 1970 I lived in a flat in Darnley Road, and was a teacher at Temple Hill Infants School in Dartford. Several of my ancestors emigrated to New Zealand in the mid-1800s, and for most of them, Gravesend was the port of departure, although I was not aware of this at the time I lived in Gravesend. Great site! Hope to see more photos.
August 31st 2002 David Pither Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Did a search for Gravesham Born and raised in Gravesend. Departed in '75. I have been back to the old stomping grounds only once in 27 years. Could you get a picture of my old school, Northfleet School for Boys? Thanks for the great pictures.
July 23rd 2002 Bob Berkshire Google Child of the 60's and 70's in Gravesend, many a hot summer spent newting in the Gordon Gardens or at the open air pool. Fond times. Very nice site well done.
July 10th 2002 Maxine grew up in Gravesend now in East Sussex searching for a gravesend website I have great memories of growing up in Gravesend. I left in 1986. Do they stil have the Shrimpers' Regatta? Gravesend was a great place to grow up. Pity they pulled down the open air swimming baths - that was the place to be in the Summer when I was in my early teens. How are The Prince, the King's Head, the Terrace, the Pilot, the Central???
June 5th 2002 Murray Calgary, Canada friend I have been to Gravesend a few times. I enjoy getting p****d at The Pilot(gotta love that Miller!), The New Inn & Ryans. The Ghandi rocks too. Incredible food. I hope to become a member of The Invicta Club on my next visit. Hello to my mates BigAl Zamboni, Ratboy, Bungle, Matt & Debbie & Brian Dillon!
March 10th 2002 Jan Ross nee Cornford Sydney, Australia researching Gravesend Parents were born in Gravesend and we lived there in the 1960's. I went to Cecil Road Primary School until I was 10yrs and we moved to the Isle of Sheppey. I have great memories of Gravesend and it is really good to look at all the old photos and compare them with the new ones. Hope to bring my family to Gravesend to see it first-hand next year.
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