St. James Church

Junction of New Road
Darnley Road

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St. James Church old
St. James Church c.????
(D. Grierson)

The Wheatsheaf public house on the corner of Darnley Road is shown in its original clapboard state.

St. James's Church was built in 1852 and demolished in 1968.

The first encumbent, Reverend John Joynes, is remembered today by the name of the K.C.C. offices, 'Joynes House', that were built on the site.

There are only a few of the original houses left in New Road and around the corner in Darnley Road, mainly visible by their roof structures and timber clapboarding at the rear of the properties.

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St. James 2000
Site of St. James Church in 2000
(J. Lord)

The Wheatsheaf on the left has changed to a degree, as have the windows on the ground and first floor. Also the walls are covered in green ceramic tiles which give it quite a nice finish.

The building on the other side of the junction is the offices of the local Social Services. This was built on the former site of the church.

The barriers that can be seen are temporary while a new bus stopping area is constructed at the side of the Tesco store.

The traffic at the traffic lights are coming out of Darnley Road and heading either straight ahead down Bath Street past the Hospital, or turning left along The Overcliffe towards Rosherville and Northfleet.

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