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  • Date: 2 September 2013 Page: Marks & Spencers, New Road.

    Details: Information about the Centenary of Marks & Spencers presence in Gravesend. First store in 1914.

  • Date: 5 May 2009 Page: Dolphin Public House, Queen Street.

    Details: Details of The Dolphin / Five Bells public house from 1658 - 1916. Then as a fish shop / restaurant from 1920 - 2009, (Reliance Fish Restaurant).

  • Date: 19 January 2008 Page: Gravesend & North Kent Hospital.

    Details: Inserted pic of the 1928 extension foundation stone with accompanying text.

  • Date: 11 July 2007 Page: The Mitre Hotel

    Details: Added this new page with details and photos of The Mitre Hotel that was in King Street.

  • Date: 5 June 2007 Page: Useful Links

    Details: Added links for Gravesend Borough Band and Gravesend Learn Direct center.

  • Date: 13 March 2007 Page: Useful Links

    Details: Added link to CSS Play and updated name and link of D & G Advocacy Network to Invicta Advocacy Network.

  • Date: 10 March 2007 Page: Wesleyan Chapel / Methodist Church

    Details: Added this NEW page giving details of the church in Milton Road.

  • Date: 29 November 2006 Page: Gravesend and North Kent Hospital

    Details: Added picture and description of original building in 1854. This is the first hospital building on this site.
    Also updated other sections of the text accordingly.

  • Date: 28 November 2006 Page: Old Christ Church

    Details: Added this NEW page about the church that used to stand opposite the junction of Clarence Place and Shrubbery Road, in Parrock Road

  • Date: 28 November 2006 Page: All

    Details: Changed the maps used for each page. I decided to use embedded 'Google Maps' in all relevent sections, these will be easier to update than the previous maps that I had used.

  • Date: 9 November 2006 Page: N/A

    Details: Updated html and css to work with the new release of the full version of Internet Explorer 7. These were I'm glad to say just minor tweaks due to the time put into the codes previously when rewriting this site.
    Also added the background textures to the green sections.

  • Date: 9 September 2006 Page: Useful Links

    Details: Added link to Teresa Coopers "Say No To Abuse" web site for the victims of child abuse.

  • Date: 10 August 2006 Page: Useful Links

    Details: Added information about G A S 4 P. A drop-in in Gravesend for people with drug and alcohol related issues.

  • Date: 24 June 2006 Page: Jubilee Clock Tower

    Details: Added extra information supplied by David Tolhurst, great grandson of Alfred Tolhurst. Also provided a link to enable visitors to buy a book about Alfred Tolhurst from his site.

  • Date: 22 March 2006 Page: Old Guestbook Pages

    Details: Added the navigation buttons to move to other pages.

  • Date: 16 March 2006 Page: Old Guestbook Pages

    Details: 8 Pages of entries from the previous guestbook that I used to use.

  • Date: 6 March 2006 Page: N/A

    Details: Moved the Bravenet Hit Counter from the 'Gravesend' section of my other site to this one. Hits indicate total number from previous location (006637) added to ones for this site.

  • Date: 4 March 2006 Page: Useful Links

    Details: A page with useful and interesting links. There are sections for WEB PROGRAMMING, LOCAL INTEREST and MENTAL HEALTH at the moment.

  • Date: 2 March 2006 Page: This update page

    Details: Added this page so that I can keep a list of important updates made. This will make it easier for everybody to see what changes have been made since the last visit.

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