Weslyan Chapel
(Methodist Church)

Milton Road

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Weslyan Chapel (Methodist Church) old
Weslyan Chapel c. ????
(D. Grierson)

The Wesleyan Methodist Church, Milton Road, was built in 1812 as the Ebeneezer Chapel.

As the congregation increased, it then required the building to be enlarged, and this was carried out in 1841, when the frontage, that can be seen in this view, was added.

The sign in front of the church on the railings proclaims, 'Pleasant Sunday Afternoons For Men and Women'.

The space behind the railings at the front of the church was used as a small burial ground.

The Church's Sunday School was held in Peacock Street, a short distance away.

( The photo opposite is from a date post 1890 as the clock tower was already built. Thanks to Graham Couves for spotting the error. )

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Methodist Church 2000
Methodist Church, 2000
(J. Lord)

2006 marked the centenary of the present building.

Behind the church itself are various rooms and a kitchen that are used for the many different meetings held there.

I myself, (many years ago), attended the Life Boys and later on, the Boys Brigade. These were both held in the church hall at the rear of the building.

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